Life: At Two Miles an Hour

A journey of hope on crutches

Steve Wahlquist lost his right leg to cancer just days after he was born. A half a century later, he embarked on a journey few thought he would finish – three hundred and sixty five miles on crutches to raise money for kids who like Steve, had lost limbs and needed help. This is the story of that journey, filled with the pains, fears, warmth, and triumph that make this tale as memorable as it is inspiring.
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I was truly moved by this book. Steve is an inspiration to all who read it. I found myself laughing, crying, cheering, and being amazed by Steve's experiences and insights. This book left me feeling as if I had the power within myself to accomplish anything I really set my mind to, just as Steve has.  ~ Kathryn Reeves 

Read this book and be inspired beyond yourself! This real-life story is as compelling as it is introspective. Steve Wahlquist opens our eyes and hearts, taking us on a journey through perseverance and triumph – one step at a time.
~ Moira Jean Elliott, Artist
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